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A Commuter’s Perspective: Date Driving – Making the Most of Your Time

In a busy world that is always changing making the most of our limited time seems imperative to living well. Technology is great. But it is not meant to replace relationships. The computer and smartphone are tools, and the Internet can help us find deals, discounts, and dates, but peace is found in the inner workings of our hearts. What is your heart telling you today? Who are the people that make you want to live your best life? Take a moment to reflect, smile and rejoice for you are truly blessed.

Often the best use of our time is not in running faster, but slowing things down, and enjoying the life we are missing along the way. The gentle breeze, the steam from a nice warm cup of coffee, the color of the sky, and the little miracles of life all around us. If we cannot be happy with what we have, how can we ever expect that having more will lead to greater happiness? Simplify your life and remind yourself that living more doesn’t mean having more, but loving more of what you possess.

Life does not always turn out the way we expect. We can get stuck in the traffic jams of life. For some of us, that can last an annoyingly long time, preventing us from living our best life now. We may not be able to remove the unexpected bumps in the road of life, but we can change the way we respond to them internally. Imagine your life as perfect. Say it enough times and you start to believe it. Use the power of words to lift your spirits and those around you. 

Our six- and three-year-old sons keep us on our toes. Free time is hard to come by. In fact, it is often difficult to get a sentence in when my boys are both constantly vying for their mom’s attention. One way my wife and I have learned to strengthen our relationship and communication is via transportation. Date driving. I take the family on long enough trips on the weekend to ensure my boys fall asleep in the back of the car. My wife and I then use that time to laugh and talk as a couple. Transform mundane events into memorable ones for the people you love.

Taking trips alone can also refresh our spirits. Driving or bicycling alone can give us the time and space to check-in with ourselves. So too can reading a good book or meditating on a simple poem. May this poem I wrote below reassure you that you were made perfectly, a limited edition timeless masterpiece of creation. 

Manufactured for Excellence

Each eye

Precision manufactured 

All parts perfectly placed

Fingers fit nicely on hands made to create

Wonderfully crafted toes touch ground

Nose, mouth, arms and legs ready

Chiseled frame faces nature’s forces

Interior wired engine roaring 

Heart and soul imbued with the Spirit’s breathe

Made for all life’s challenges 

DNA stamped, out of the factory 

Rolling out for runs on life’s grand track

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