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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall – Who Are the Worst Drivers of All?

If you commute daily in Washington, you can probably relate.  Your fellow commuters seem to ignore you consistently – cutting you off, braking hard, or riding your back bumper.  A recent analysis by Allstate Insurance puts hard data on what we all probably already know – we have the worst drivers in the nation – or at least very close – the Baltimore region beat us out.  Whew!

Allstate’s “America’s Best Drivers Report” looked at insurance claims in 200 major metro regions, and yes, the Washington, D.C. area didn’t fare too well.  We came in at 199, only beating out Baltimore, at 200.  Beyond insurance claims, the analysis also calculated “hard braking” statistics from Allstate’s voluntary enrollment program that tracks onboard statistics from car owners.  

The analysis found that Baltimore drivers were 152.5 percent more likely to be involved in a collision than drivers nationally.  Washington motorists were 142.3 percent more likely to be involved in a collision than most drivers.  

So, what city represents the “best” drivers in the country?  That distinction goes to Brownsville, Texas.  These drivers go almost 15 years, on average, between accidents and are 29 percent less likely than the average national driver to be involved in a collision.  Kudos to all you Brownsville residents!  We think a few of us Washingtonians should plan a visit and pick up a few pointers on driving etiquettes.

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