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Virginia Telework Week Begins March 2

By Miriam Foster

Telework is one of the most desired benefits among employees and in today’s competitive job market; telework can attract and keep the most talented workers.  Virginia’s Telework Week is a great time for businesses to start a telework program or learn how to better manage teleworking employees in an existing program. 

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) and local commuter assistant program  partners, like DATA, are encouraging businesses across Virginia to allow qualifying employees to work from home at least one day during Telework Week, March 2-6.

Stress from the daily grind of commuting to and from work manifests both physically and mentally, which has a direct impact to your business by decreasing productivity and increasing staff turnover. Telework Week is an ideal time to enhance your company’s policy to include information about flexible commuting options that can be a win-win for your business and employees.

Telework can also be a crucial part of your continuity of operations (COOP) plan during natural disasters, inclement weather and other
emergency situations.   

DRPT’s Telework!VA website has all the tools you need to start and manage a telework program.  Businesses can access a wealth of documents, resources, and e-learning modules for implementation and training.  Employees considering telework can get tips on selling the idea to management, and helpful information on successful teleworking. 

For business located in Northern Virginia, Telework!VA offers free technical assistance.  Our telework experts can meet with you to answer questions and support your organization in developing a customized telework strategy for free.  

And for a limited time, businesses on the I-66 corridor that start or expand telework programs with the assistance of Telework!VA may receive up to $10,000.  Go to and complete a request form to have a Telework!VA representative explain how your business can receive the I-66 $10,000 incentive.  

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