“Their staff is sincere, engaging and multi-lingual, all huge benefits to me and my hotel.
I am so very thankful for DATA and their support.”

Anna Lyons  –  General Manager
Double Tree Hotel


Remote work strategies have never been more important. Many businesses are unsure if or even when their workforce will return to the physical office. Isn’t time you implemented, improved, or formalized your office’s telework program? Contact DATA today so we can connect you with our partners at Telework!VA who can offer you no-cost telework expertise and guidance.    


The COVID era has created a biking boom we haven’t seen before. With so many more people getting out on their bikes, new challenges have arisen. Crowding, safety, and even bike trail etiquette issues have all increased. DATA has long offered bike safety and commuting guidance while working with employers to create bike-to-work programs and benefits for their employees.  


Public transit in the COVID era has been fluid. Bus and rail rules, schedules, and routes can change faster than ever. DATA works closely with employers to keep them informed of these frequently-changing guidelines and directives coming from the many regional and local transportation agencies in our area. Contact DATA to learn how we can help keep your company informed with the latest information from our public transit providers.


Rideshare programs including carpools and vanpools can offer many benefits to both commuters and employers in the Dulles area. Employees can enjoy lower commuter costs and shorter commute times, while employers can benefit from needing less parking spaces and being able to and attract more employee candidates. Additionally, anyone who has been stuck in rush-hour traffic will understand that BOTH employers and employees will benefit from how less stressed employees will arrive at the office. Contact DATA today to learn about rideshare programs for your office.

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