Live More, Commute LessLive More, Commute Less

Employer Benefits


  • Continuity of Operations in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  A robust telework program can keep your business up and running while your competitors are running out of options.
  •  Tax advantages.  Both transit benefits and telework programs can give your business significant tax deductions.
  • Improved customer access to your workplace. Fewer commuters on the roads mean better business.
  • Reduced demand for office space and lower facilities cost. With Flextime and telework you can increase your workforce without additional office space or an expensive and disruptive relocation.
  • Better productivity. In government and private industry studies, teleworkers met of exceeded the productivity standards of co-workers in an office environment.
  • Improved recruitment and retention. Recruit top employees and make sure your get your money’s worth.  Hire the right person for the job without having to pay relocation costs.  Don’t let a disability disqualify the best applicant for your job. Telework, flextime, ridesharing, and transit benefits remove employment barriers and  improve employees’ work/life balance without compromising performance. Satisfied employees are more loyal; keep the good workers you have instead of spending 1½  times their yearly salary to replace them.
  • Environmental stewardship. Removing single occupancy vehicles from the road helps insure a viable environment and positions your company as a leader in the community.  Increasingly employees and customers want to be affiliated with an environmentally responsible organization.

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