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Encouraging employees to commute using alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle impacts many areas of your business:  recruitment costs; real estate investment; continuity of business; customer loyalty.

But directly and indirectly, the most significant impact is on your bottom line.

With no obligation or financial commitment, the Live More Team can show you how supporting congestion mitigation strategies like telework, flextime, car-and-vanpooling and transit benefits can actually improve profitability.  There are even tax deductions available for businesses that start or expand a telework program.  And because we’re watching your bottom line as closely as you are, this expert consultation is absolutely free!

Contact members of the Live More Team today or get more information below.

 Dulles Area Transportation Association:

Lynn Bostain

703.817.1307 ext. 1


Kelly Woodward

703.817.1307 ext. 2


Loudoun County:

Judy Galen



Fairfax County:

Marcus Moore



Maheen Aziz



Prince William County:

Avram Ramage


(Don’t live in Fairfax, Loudoun, or Prince William Counties?  The regional Commuter Connections website has all the information you’ll need to contact a team in your area.)