Live More, Commute LessLive More, Commute Less

On-site Rideshare Coordinator and Transportation Trade Shows


Our Live More Team can schedule information sharing sessions for your employees to familiarize them with commuting alternatives and assistance in forming car-and-vanpools.  In some areas, the Live More Team can even schedule a bilingual Rideshare Coordinator to provide on-site ridematching assistance at times convenient to you and your employees.  The Rideshare Coordinator is particularly important if you have employees who do not have the language or computer skills to take advantage of online ridematching tools.

Our Live More Team can also educate your employees through participation in your business’ health or benefit fairs.  If you’re not currently conducting these events, we can even set them up and staff them – at no charge – with experts on everything from benefits to vanpooling.

Put your employees in the know!